We care about our employees’ health and well being, that’s why we offer extremely comprehensive and competitive benefits.‚Äč

Major Medical Insurance

  • Employer sponsored Major Medical insurance coverage with deductibles as low as $1000.
  • Low copay options
  • Dr. visit and prescription drug coverage
  • No network! Choose where you want to go!
  • Save up to 500% with your exclusive member to Healthcare Bluebook
  • Telemedicine coverage

Dental Insurance

  • Aetna dental insurance coverage
  • Free cleanings and preventative dental care
  • 90% coverage for major procedures
  • No waiting period!

Vision Insurance

  • EyeMed Vision Care insurance coverage
  • $150 allowance towards annual glasses or contacts

Aflac Insurance

  • Obtain an accident and life insurance policy through Aflac
New Sleeper Trucks

Well maintained, newer model sleeper trucks with comfortable cabs

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